ENGINE MAPPING & Dyno Power testing Specialists

We can map most of todays aftermarket Engine management Systems
(knowledgable in
over 15 Systems, over 60 years of combined experience)


nearly all work is done on our

1,200 hp TAT Rolling Road, a TAT Chassis Dyno Model  CHD2 "V" High Performance


                                                        7 l Mosler, 500 hp, 525 lbft on our 1200 hp TAT Rolling Road



purpose built Dyno cell with our 25" fully computerized TAT Rolling Road
which can monitor vital engine parameters  such as AFR / Lambda / Turbo Boost etc.



a great many Serious Cars have been sucessfully tested and mapped on our
TAT Rolling Road for High Performance Cars,
always accurate, never any wheelslip:

current Le Mans 24 h Prototype approx. 650hp

  Jaguar XJR V12 7,4l   747hp

Jaguar XJR V12 7,4l   747hp

Noble Street Version

Mosler 7l, 500hp, 700Nm (515 lbft)

565hp engine in Dallara Chassis



DOWNLOAD A DYNO MOVIE  featuring this 747hp Jaguar Group C on
TAT Chassis Dynamometer (click here or the picture)





    Questions & Answers:

    Question 1.)So, how accurate is this dyno then ?


    It is incredibly accurate and consistent.
    It is simply the closest thing one is ever going to get without using an Engine Dyno.

    So far, we have performed well over 9,000 dyno runs (in words: nine-thousand !) and from
which we could directly compare against engine dyno data of the exact same engine
we have never been out by more than 1,5% which in any book is a most respectable figure.
    (1,5% difference on a 200hp engine for example means 3hp
- this would be the absolute difference,    

    not the difference between runs.  The difference between runs is far less)


    A picture says more than a 1000 words, below are two pictures (dyno graphs)

    see for yourself how consistent and accurate we can testÖ

    Westfield before & after increase of rev limit





      BMW 740 4,0l: we get the exact graph which the manufacturer specifies
      & just look yet again at the consistency of two consecutive runs on our Rolling Road




    Question 2.)So, how much Power can you put down before the wheels spin ?


    Good question..well, we donít really the present day we have never had
    a car powerful enough to wheel spin on this dyno nor a car which made our
Rolling Road
    run out of steam, and we truly have had some big ones down here..on one occasion we
    had an impressive 1180 lbft at the wheels
    (in words: one-thousand-and-one-hundred-and-eighty-lbft) on the dyno and still no wheel spin.
    The featured cars so far
have been childsplay for our Rolling Road, that's for sure.


    The Rolling Roadís manufacturer ratings are:

    200mph constant, 880 hp at the wheels mapping,

    1200 hp power testing and 4100 Nm torque (3020 lbft)



    Question 3.)My car is very low..what is the lowest car you can test without taking the spoilers off ?

     As we have no Roller Lift the car does not sink down once on the rollers, so therefore any car that
     can drive on the road or track, be it as low as it may can be tested without any mods on our   
 Rolling Road.



     Question 4.)So, how on earth does it work?

     How come the car does not come off when balancing on these rollers, surely that canít work(or can it ?)

    We use a specially formulated fixing compound to hold the car securely in place.
    It is based on an old recipe formulated by the old Druids which can only be harvested during
    a full moon and
it is a solution consisting of ... <classified top secret information>


    ..seriously: due to the geometrie of the strapping, the vehicle under test becomes locked in a very stable position from which it is not able to    
    move...over 9,000 dyno runs have proven this to us beyond doubt.



 Call us on 01708 869189 M: 07762 468 498 - Mapping and Engine Performance is our Speciality
Track 'n' Road, Rainham, Essex
(close to Jct. 30 off London M25 Orbital just before the Dartford Crossing)


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